Orthodontic Appliances

We are one of western Canada’s premier Herbst® and MARA® manufacturing laboratories. The company’s certified staff fabricate several clinically proven designs.

In addition to the MARA® and Herbst®, we also fabricate a full range of orthodontic appliances:

Space Maintainers
Fixed Class II Correctors
Habit Appliances
Space Regainers
Space Closure Appliances
Individual Tooth Movement Appliances
Crossbite Appliances
Arch Development Appliances
Functional Appliances
Finishing Appliances
Mouthguards, Bleaching Trays
Splints / Surgical Stents
Interim Partials
Somnomed Appliance
Myofunctional Orthodontics
Panthera Anti-Snoring Device
Smile Aligners

Decal Choices
Proform Colour Choices
Retainer Colour Choices

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