Turnaround Schedule

Business Day (D) Hour (H)

Model 1D
Bite Block / Tray 1.5D
Full Upper or Lower Try-in / Process and Finish 3D
Denture Inlay 2D
Reline Same Day
Soft Reline 2D
Repair 5-8H
Cast Partial Repair 1.5D
Extensive Repair Please Call
Same day relines and repairs must be called in by 9:30am
Acrylic Partial 3D
Denture Set up & Wax Try-in 3D
Cast Partial 5-7D
Bite Block 6-8 D
Cast Partial Finish 2D
Swing Lock or Attachment 6-8 D
Orthodontic Appliance / Space Maintainer 4D
TMJ Splint / Night Guard 4D
Mouth Guard / Stent 2D
Crown & Bridge
Full Metal Cast Restoration 6D
Porcelain Restoration 6-8D
Over 3 Units 10D
All Ceramic Crowns 10D
Implant Crowns 10-12D
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