Thermoflex / Dualflex / Acrylic Splint

  • Brush and floss your teeth, brush your tongue and rinse your mouth prior to use.
  • Allow the appliance to air dry in its container when not in use.
  • Always soften Thermoflex / Dualflex splints under warm tap water before insertion.
  • Clean the appliance after use under cold water with a toothbrush, a drop of liquid soap and a thorough rinse.
  • The regular use of “over the counter” denture cleaners with a maximum of a 20-minute soak will help manage any accumulation of minerals and stains.
  • In normal use, the appliance may vary from crystal clear to opaque.
  • Removal of the appliance is best accomplished by using equal pull on both sides of your mouth. This will minimize the risk of damage to the resilient portion of the appliance.
  • Keep away from pets.

Please call Universal Dental Laboratories Ltd. at 780.423.1014 or 1.800.850.0118 for any questions concerning care for your appliance.

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