Removable Appliances & Retainers

  • Some soreness of teeth is common but should soon disappear. If tenderness persists, call your Dentist.
  • Appliance should be worn at all times except when eating, however remove when brushing.
  • Brush appliance two or more times ever day, for at least 2 minutes.
  • Ensure appliance is fitting well in your mouth.
  • Remove appliance using clasp wires. Do not pull on Hawley wire.
  • Avoid sticky food, e.g. crusted breads, gum, toffee, crunchy vegetables.
  • Report all acrylic breaks, sharp springs and loose wires immediately to your Dentist.
  • Never wrap your appliance in a napkin, always keep in case.
  • Keep away from pets, they will chew it up (Remakes are expensive!)
  • In the case of expansion devices, experience has shown that 1mm per month is the optimum rate of movement the operator can expect from most designs. Do not advance the mechanism faster than the tooth will move.
  • Keep all scheduled appointments.

Please call Universal Dental Laboratories Ltd. at 780.423.1014 or 1.800.850.0118 for any questions concerning care for your appliance.

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